Weiber Portable Air Flow Hood Equipments for Laboratory Research

Laboratory Chemical Hood for Research and Development

Chemical Fume Hoods- Portable & Ductless Systems

Chemical Hood

Chemical hoods are equipments that are extensively used in a laboratory, to ensure safety as the people who work with these equipments won’t be exposed to too many hazardous and dangerous fumes. Fume hoods are made of mild steel and are coated with epoxy. Weiber designs the chemical fume hoods for air science and forensic research.

Fume Hood

These units are designed to limit exposure to hazardous or noxious fumes, vapors or dusts. They have advanced safety and energy saving features that make them ideal for virtually any laboratory. Moreover they are constructed with 200 mm diameter industrial grade fire resistant wooden boards covered with laminated sheets and lined with epoxy coating. We are counted amidst the prominent manufacturers/ developers, distributors/suppliers, engineers/service providers and exporters of superior range of fume hoods.

Fume Hood Table Top

These versatile units are universally used for the safe handling of chemical fumes. They are ideal for use in clean rooms, food processing areas and are found in educational, industrial, and government laboratories. Moreover they have unique hinged folding side panels, a high density polyethylene base, a clear polycarbonate top, and a hinged sloping front lid.

Mobile Fume Extractor

These economical equipments are widely used for removing smoke, mist, fumes and fine powder. They are best suited to be used in various laboratories, pharmaceutical unit soldering and light duty industries. Moreover they are extremely durable and reliable and are resistant to heat, corrosion and abrasion.

Fume Hood Duct Less

These equipments are self contained workstations that help to protect from harmful air borne fumes and particulate. They are used for a variety of applications, including solvent vapor control, epoxy fume control, light grinding, acid gas fumes etc. Moreover the robust steel carcass construction offers excellent compatibility, durability and cleanliness. Weiber advanced fume hood design offers unmatched prices, specifications and usages in the international market.

Fume Hood Wet Process

These energy efficient equipments are designed for use in semiconductor research and manufacturing where process tanks, rinsers, heated baths require large sophisticated control modules. They have wide range of applications in research laboratories, R&D laboratories, and various national and multinational companies. Moreover they are extremely durable, reliable and efficient.

Fume Hood Walkin

These modular equipments handle odors and toxic fumes from drums, processing units, and distillation assemblies. They have double wall construction made of epoxy coated mild steel or stainless steel. Moreover they are available in variety of styles and designs and offers excellent compatibility, durability and cleanliness.

Fume Hood Ceiling

These CE marked equipments are aerodynamically designed considering most efficient airflow to the suction. They are supplied in double skin arrangement with inner lining which is made of non corrosive heat resistant plastic and the outer skin is made out of powder coated CRC. Moreover they are highly efficient, ergonomic and reliable.

Fume Hood Scrubber

These NABL certified equipments eliminate the noxious/carcinogenic fumes generated in the laboratory to give the hazard free working environment. They are provided with wide range of options and accessories including service fixtures, electrical outlets, digital airflow alarms and base cabinetry. Moreover they have wide range of applications in R&D laboratories, medical centers and pharmaceutical industries.

Emergency Shower

These automatic equipments are designed to remove surface contamination from personnel prior to entering a clean room and are available in both standard and customized models. Moreover they are equipped with HEPA filter, recessed lights, interlocking doors, PLC programmable logic controller and emergency stop buttons.

Fume Hood Manifold System

Weiber Manifold Fume Hood is designed as a ventilation device to limit the exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapors or dusts. The work area is enclosed by five sides and the standing work height is at the bottom of the equipment.