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Types of BSC Cabinets and its Classes

Biosafety Cabinets

The Biosafety Cabinet offers protection from microbiological and cross contamination and is widely employed by various sectors such as pharmaceutical, medical, clinical research and general healthcare sectors. Click here for Bio-safety Cabinet Installation Video.

Biosafety Cabinet Class I

The biosafety cabinet class I is designed for environment protection from hazardous substances and cross contamination and generally employed in clinical, hospital, life science, research and pharmaceutical laboratories. The stainless steel construction of biosafety cabinet is a ventilated cabinet equipped with HEPA exhaust air filtration system. Moreover it is extremely reliable and portable.

Biosafety Cabinet Class II

The biosafety Cabinet Class III is fabricated for environment and personnel protection from high risk biological agents. The CE Marked equipment has microprocessor based controllers with digital display of all key parameters. The HEPA filter in the class II cabinet protects the environment by filtering air before it is exhausted. The Customized Biosafety Cabinet Class II is portable and easy to operate.

Biosafety Cabinet Class III

These advanced equipments are designed for use with high risk biological agents and provide the highest level of personnel, product and environmental protection. The micro processor based bio safety cabinet provides access for passage of materials inside through a double door pass through box. Moreover the class III cabinet is operated under negative pressure.